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Health and Safety

QSI International School of Pápa strives to provide a safe, orderly, and healthy environment for teaching and learning. The school has established and implemented effective procedural guidelines to ensure the health and safety of students, staff, and visitors to the school. 

Campus Security

Health and Well-Being

QSI Pápa is committed to teaching children habits and skills that help them to build character, manage emotional and social situations, and keep themselves safe.

Currently, we have a full range of lessons on Child Protection that we teach children of all ages. We are also developing specific, age-appropriate lessons for Success Orientations and Social Emotional Development.

Lessons are taught throughout the school on social and emotional topics as well as the Success Orientations, QSI’s character education program.  Our trained teachers provide support for the student body and refer students to mental health practitioners and outside resources when there is a need.