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SAT testing center

QSI Pápa is an SAT Test Center. 

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is the most widely given and accepted standardized test for college admissions. It is generally offered four times per year on the QSIP campus, twice in the Fall and twice in the Spring. Students are encouraged to take the SAT in the Fall of their SIII year and again their SIV year. Additional SAT administrations may be taken during the senior year in order to improve results. SAT scores and high school grades are strongly predictive of college success. 

Students are encouraged to research prospective universities in order to determine the need to take the SAT and what a competitive score might be needed for a successful application. 
Students sign up for and manage their SAT process through the College Board website. 

QSIP's testing center number, required for registration, is 57904

Note: The SAT II subject tests are no longer offered by the College Board. 
For more information about SAT and PSAT testing procedures, please visit: